Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Restore; 1. to give back. 2. to return to a former or normal state, or to a position, rank, use, etc. 3. to bring back to health, strength, etc.

Restoring the land is like restoring our own souls, or helping in the restoration of others who are broken, alienated, or lost.

I think we all have a remnant of Eden within, an anscestral memory we just can't shake, that longs for the perfection of all things. God restores our souls. We are co-redeemers as we enter into the lives of people in the world, and as we help restore the earth. God created both, in the beginning, beautiful, harmonious, but now out of synchronization with the original intent.

At Prairie Pond Woods, I take out things that aren't supposed to be there, vines that choke trees and pull them to the ground, and animals that destroy the natural balance. I let the scars on the land heal over. Like we should do.

I put things in that are supposed to be there; beautiful things or necessary things that lend grace and abundance to the overall ecosystem, which other creatures feed on or shelter in.

I assess it regularly, and dream about its potential and the gifts it can offer others for their healing and transformation. Like we should do with others.

Anyone who "tends the earth" or "loves their neighbor" knows these ongoing struggles. God, once again, uses nature to teach us valuable lessons in wisdom if we pay attention and learn. I consider this a sacred and holistic work to help in redemption, not only for the people who yearn for it, but also for the earth that groans for it.........