Wednesday, March 18, 2009


At the end of February, we finally got the bluebird boxes up that several "friends of Prairie Pond Woods" helped decorate. Their artwork will forever be on display. Last weekend, Craig said he saw a male and female bluebird near the two new boxes adorning the garden fence. After getting the binoculars, he concluded that it was the male flying back and forth between them, whille the female sat on a wire and looked on.

For several weeks now, the woodcocks have been flying overhead at dusk, moving from one field to another and calling their nasaly "peent" to attract a mate. Only once have I seen them in the daylight, after I practically stepped on one; its well-blended plumage hiding it in the dry, tan grass and brown leaf litter.

While taking a walk, Craig and I scared up a pair of Wood Ducks, no doubt the ones we saw on our pond last year. They flew through the woods, maneuvering around tree trunks and branches, and were out of sight within seconds. This is so strange to witness because it is more common to see ducks flying straight across open skies for long distances. But Wood Ducks not only possess uncommon beauty, they are uncommon in their nesting behavior, choosing to raise broods in tree cavities near water.

As of this writing the daffodils are up and many are blooming. The lilac bushes are leafing out. The birds are ramping up the volumes and frequency of their songs. It is a great time of anticipation!