Monday, May 10, 2010


While taking a quick walk at Lynx Prairie, the National Natural Landmark one street over from Prairie Pond Woods, I was stopped in my tracks by the size of the largest mayapple I have ever seen!  

Took a few pictures to show the scale to my hand, binoculars and watch.


The fireflies have returned...but only up in the woods so far! 

Monday, May 3, 2010


The nest boxes (originally for bluebirds) that we put up March of 2009 are finally getting some action!  Several weeks ago, I watched as a pair of Tree Swallows flew, circled, hovered and landed on each of them several different times, sticking their iridescent green heads in but never going fully inside.  I decided that maybe the openings weren't big enough, so my very patient husband "gerry-rigged" a way to drill them a bit bigger.  

Last week, I noticed the middle (smiley-face) one had grass hanging out and when I opened it...a mossy nest...and eggs!  But several days later it was not a Tree Swallow, but a Carolina Chickadee, coming and going from the box.  That's ok...I'll take it!

Today, the Tree Swallows were back checking out the sunflower box and the one with the quilt design.  Since they were doing the same head-in-but-not-body move as before, I opened both of them and knocked down the wasp nests inside, in case that was a factor in them choosing one of my boxes over a tree cavity somewhere that I can't see.  Time will tell.

The Eastern Bluebirds have successfully raised their first of probably two broods in the box on the phone pole in the backyard.  I hear their little, high-pitched tweets every time one of the parents brings in a mouthful of caterpillar or grasshopper.  Mmmmm...YUM! 

Updates to follow...