Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Sometimes sentences just come to me.  From where?  I do not know....

The other day I was sweeping the deck off, the last chore after a few hours of outdoor puttering, when this thought popped into my head:

" I love working my butt off at Prairie Pond Woods 
so that you can come and sit on yours."

That thought led to another:

"Why don't you show all the places where people can sit on the property...to reflect or take in the beauty?"

So imagine yourself sitting back and relaxing in them, as we take a tour of the first in a series of the many chairs where you can plant Le derrière and experience the "art of sitting in one place."

The Front Porch is one of the guest's favorite places to wake up with a morning cup of Birds and Beans coffee.  It is in shade until about 1 pm and dark enough until then to use a laptop.  A breeze always blows through it, keeping it very comfortable.  At night, with the candles lit, you can listen to peepers and toads at the pond or look out over the fields filled with a zillion fireflies!  While swaying on the porch swing, you can ponder areas in your life that might need to awaken or come alive...

Just off the front porch is another great place to sit and watch fireflies at night or the sun cast its warm light on the hills in the morning.  The field in front bursts with twinkling lights around 9 pm and if the stars are visible, the whole darkness glitters from the ground to the heavens!  This is a wonderful place to ask yourself if you are letting your light shine or hiding it for some reason...

We refer to this place as the Sunset View.  In the summer, this is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down over the prairie.  In spring you can hear the woodcocks and watch their erratic, spiral flight right from these Adirondacks.  With a cold drink, a cup of hot chocolate, a good friend, a soul-mate or all by yourself...this is a wonderful place to just let your thoughts meander... 

Lastly, there is always the back deck...and always a-flutter with butterflies, hummingbirds and other feathered friends at the feeder.  A great spot if you need a surface for writing or WIFI for communicating...and doing research for that novel you're working on... 

As my father used to say, "Come.  Sit a spell."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


A Wildly Positive Retreat Focused on Beauty!
Imagine these flower surrounding you 360 degrees!
Absolutely Gorgeous!

Third Week in July the Prairie is in Full Bloom! Now imagine a day focused on all that is beautiful...in nature and in ourselves. This retreat weekend we will be accentuating the POSITIVE...all that's good and right in our world, with ourselves and one another! 
The retreat will kick-off Friday night with introductions, a beautiful sunset walk, then a relaxing movie in our jammies (movie TBD by vote...but definitely beautiful and inspiring choices), complete with popcorn and an assortment of movie candy! Because we're worth it! 
Saturday you'll be immersed in all things good...optional morning stretches while the birds sing, a guided nature walk, a natural beauty care demo, chair massages (for additional fee), time to take photos on The Refresher Course, read on the Pine Sanctuary swing, meditate in the woods, walk the Prayer Path and add your creative touch to the group painting or poem waiting in Kavanah.  A healthy, organic lunch and snacks will be served.  So come solo or bring a few good friends along...it's a beautiful way to spend a day!  

Reflective resources will also be provided. 
Upon Registration you will be emailed a Guest Packet,
containing directions and other pertinent information.
Bringing a journal, camera and binoculars is recommended. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


...and stumbled upon a few beautiful creatures along the Refresher Course.  Did you know that Adams County is one of the most biologically diverse counties in the state? It shows in just a short walk around Prairie Pond Woods!

Little Wood Satyr

 Common Whitetail

 Female Calico Pennant

Great Spangled Frittalary

Great Spangled Frittilary gathering minerals from scat

 Underside wings of the Great Spangled Frittilary

 Woodland Snail of some sort

 Skimming Bluet

Hobomok Skipper (best guess)

Monday, June 3, 2013


It was hard to resist goint outside today...overcast skies and a cool breeze were the perfect combination for a stroll around the Refresher Course.  Sometimes, I miss being able to share an in-the-moment discovery, so I invite you to share these photos of plants with me from today's walk.

Climbing Milkvine

Two-flowered Cynthia in the Woods
Green Milkweed in the Prairie

 Downy Wood Mint in the Prairie

 Indian Hemp Everywhere

 Oak Gall by the Pond
(Formed when wasps lays eggs or larvae feed on the tree)

 Orange-fruited Horse Gentian mixed in with Common Milkweed

Deptford Pinks along the road

 Beardtongue in the Prairie

 Tall Meadow Rue in the Prairie