Friday, January 31, 2014


Top  Ten
 things to do at
Prairie Pond Woods

April - October

When planning a personal retreat this year, the beauty of these seasonal events might help you choose the perfect month!

 1. During Full Moons, strap on headlamps (if you even need them) and take a walk on the Refresher Course, the path that winds through Prairie Pond Woods' 27-acres.
2.    During the Waning, Waxing or New Moon phase view billions of stars in the dark sky free of light pollution!  Take binoculars to see star clusters and bright planets better.

3.    In early April a half-hour before dusk, sit outside to listen to the mating call of the Woodcock in the fields.  Also watch for his winding, whistling aerial display.

4.    In late April, walk to the pond before dusk to listen to high-decibel Spring Peepers and other amphibians calling. See how long you can sit there! 

5.    In early May, before leaves begin to dress the trees, hike to the Woodland Cathedral. Listen and watch for warblers, tanagers, vireos and more! 

6.    In June, see millions of fireflies flicker in the fields, woods or prairie. It’s a light show!

7.    In July take a favorite book and meander the Refresher Course with dazzling displays of butterflies and butterfly weed. End at the Pine Sanctuary swing and read to your heart’s content in the coolness!

8.    In August, dragonflies at the pond offer hours of entertainment and tranquility.
  1. September brings out the photogenic complimentary colors of purple ironweed and yellow goldenrods and sunflowers.  Bring your camera!
  1. October is a great month to hike all the property and end at the pond to see the fall colors reflected in the water.  Hiking at The Edge or Shawnee State Park is also recommended during the fall.