Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Sometimes people ask me why I don't offer different types of group retreats.  I assume they mean the latest "trending" kinds of women's retreats...crafting, health-focused, beauty-focused, fun-focused, etc.  I say it's because others are already doing those retreats, but few are offering what Heart by Nature has to share.  

Heart by Nature's goal is to give women the opportunity to create a ritual, a tradition, a way to annually check-in with themselves and evaluate their spiritual, personal or creative growth.  Whether it's learning about and understanding the natural world better (several women return each year to the annual Bird Watching as Meditation retreat), or broadening creative skills, or planning a more Spirit-centered year, that is the calling I try to fulfill for others.

Do we engage in creativity?  YES we do!  And all our creative activities reinforce the theme of each retreat.  We've painted bluebird houses, made bird nesting balls, prayer cards, collages from the soul, and more!  This year for the ECOntemplation retreat in June, we'll be making HYPERTUFAS...earthy, messy, and oh, so cool!

Are we health-focused?  YES we are!  Taking a walk in the country air for over an hour several times during the weekend is good for the body & brain.  And the sacred act of eating healthy, organic food in community is good for the soul. 

Are the retreats fun?  Well, what do you think...a bunch of women away from their
responsibilities, talking, finding common ground, laughing, resting and reveling?  Will you be entertained or amused?  No...probably not...except maybe by butterflies, dragonflies, deer, skunks...or Cyon (our prairie dog).   

Are we beauty-focused?  YES, we are!  But these retreats focus on the beauty of the wildflowers, the metallic gold dots on a Monarch chrysalis, the clouds passing over the hills. This kind of deep appreciation becomes part of the true beauty of each woman as it is cultivated from within. 

You can find a list of all the upcoming 2014 retreats HERE.  I hope you'll join us.  Start a Ritual this year.