Friday, June 6, 2014


As the description states, this blog is a nature journal of when, where and what is happening at the retreat.  In nature, something is always happening!  Just three weeks ago I could see through the woods and last years brown growth on the ground.  Now the trees have leafed out and the ironweed, wingstem, grasses and other herbaceous plants are towering over and filling in any bare spots.  

I've been taking a morning and an evening walk with binocs and my camera each day.  Here are some of the things I encountered this first week in June...captured with the limited camera skills I possess.  One of the exciting things for me was to ID two new plant species for the property.  Again...something is always happening...a seed that has been dormant finally germinates. The wind carries a seed through the air and plants itself in the readied soil.  A bird poops.  However it happens, I'm glad it does.  Enjoy!  And come visit sometime!  

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Venus's Looking Glass...a first!

Common Milkweed starting to bloom
Long-leaved Bluets Houstonia longifolia (I think)

Sneezeweed...another first for Prairie Pond Woods
Box Turtles were on the move this week!  They lay eggs in June in Ohio.
Had to dodge 3 while mowing the Refresher Course

Blue-winged Warbler sings all day here
Yellow-breasted Chat (annoyingly) sings all day here too!

Prairie Warbler


Painted Skimmer
Comet Darner...I honestly don't know how I got this photo.  I have been trying for years to photograph one.  They are so quick and they NEVER stop flying.  At one point I think I just took a shot out of frustration and was shocked when I scrolled through and saw it.  Not the clearest but considering the challenge I'm happy with it.
Mating Damselflies

The Creek at the entrance to the property...and Cyon's swimming hole
Downy Rattlesnake Plantain
Cyon waiting while I try to (unsuccessfully) photograph a Worm-eating Warbler

Monday, June 2, 2014


Around the last week of May and the first week of June, after the great wildflower and warbler marathon has wound down, there tends to be a comparative lull in nature observation at Prairie Pond Woods.  Not that there isn't a myriad of fabulous things going's just that most of the butterflies, dragonflies, and prairie plants are not as ephemeral as wood warblers and, well, I take a little breather.  Prairies don't really burst into bloom until mid- to late-summer but even now there are a few things up and blooming that are noteworthy.  Enjoy!

Spider Milkweed
Downy Woodmint

Foxglove Beardtongue
Indian Hemp

Oxeye Daisy
The best thing to do with them, as they are not native and spread like crazy